Vaccine Card Download Surokkha Gov Bd

Vaccine Card download guide from surokkha gov bd website. Complete information about downloading vaccine card for passport holders is given here. You can download your vaccine card easily by following the steps provided in this article.

Registration for corona vaccine can be done from the surrokha website. If you have been vaccinated with the dose of corona virus vaccine than you can also download your vaccine card and vaccine certificate from the links given in this article of the official website of surokkha gov bd.

Due to the shortage of corona vaccine doses government closed registration and vaccination process. Now the covid vaccine is available in good amount and the registration process for corona vaccine has started on surokkha gov bd. People who registered before the ending of vaccine doses availability can now get their dose of vaccine.

Bangladesh government has also reduced the age for corona vaccination and made it 30 years. Before that the minimum age for corona vaccine registration was 30 years.

Covid Vaccine Registration Surokkha gov bd

Now the people of bangladesh who have the passport can register for vaccine on surokkha with their passport number. This facility has provided for easy vaccine registration for the people working in foreign countries. For expatriates and foreigners separate vaccine registration facility is available at surokkha gov bd.

National University has made an app for students to provide facility for vaccine registration. National university is collecting students and staff information to provide to surokkha website for easy and faster vaccination of them so that educational activities can be started. Medical students will be prioritized for the covid vaccine registration because they come under frontline workers category.

Corona Vaccine Card Download bd

If you have a passport than you can register for vaccination by verifying your passport number and mobile number in the form given in surokkha website. The place and date of delivery of the vaccine will be informed to you by SMS message on the mobile phone.

If you don’t have a passport than you will need your national identity NID number for registration of covid vaccine. You can download surokkha app from google play store or apple app store. You can also download surokkha app for vaccine card download from the link given in this article.

Once you register for the vaccine you will get a message on your mobile about the vaccination date in which you can get your vaccine dose. You will need to show this message at vaccination center to the vaccination attendant. After verifying your details of covid vaccine registration the center attended will give you first dose of corona vaccine. Center attendent will confirm your vaccine dose after that you will get the message about the date of your second covid vaccine dose.

After successful completion of your first dose you can download your vaccine card from surokkha gov bd.

The only website through which you can register for corona vaccine is surokkha gov bd. You can’t register for covid vaccine from other sources or websites.

Corona Vaccine Card Download surokkha

For corona vaccine registration easy steps are given below:

1. Go to to register online for vaccination.

2. You will find an option ‘ register for vaccine’.

3. Choose your ID from identity options list.

4. Enter your NID number and date of birth to verify your identity card.

5. If you are of eligible age than your information will be shown otherwise you well get a pop up saying that you are not eligible for vaccine.

6. In next step you will ask about comorbidity (any disease you have).

7. Provide your after details in next step.

8. Your vaccination registration card will show with the vaccination date and place information.

Surokkha Covid Vaccine Card Download bd

If you are a foreign citizen or expatriate than you can register for vaccine using your passport ID. For corona vaccine registration using passport follow these simple steps given below:

1. Visit surokkha gov bd by entering it’s domain in your browser.

2. From options menu select the registration from passport option.

3. Provide your passport details and date of birth fir verification.

4. Your vaccine card will be available in next step, download it.

You can download your vaccine card after you have got the first dose. For that you can either use the link which will be messaged to you after vaccination or you can login to surokkha website and download your vaccine card from there. Your vaccination card after both the doses can be accessed from surokkha anytime. The links for the corona vaccine registration and vaccine card download link are given in the table below you can directly download your vaccine card from these links.

Vaccine Card Download LinkClick Here
Surokkha Vaccine registrationClick Here
NHSPC HomepageClick Here

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