Students Vaccine Registration on Surokkha Gov Bd

As part of attempts to expand the country’s vaccination programme, Bangladesh is now enabling students aged 18 and up to enrol for a COVID-19 vaccine shot. Students aged 18 and above can now register for the COVID 19 immunisation through the government of Bangladesh’s Surokkha app. The Surokkha app now has a new feature that allows students aged 18 and above to register for the vaccine. For all others, however, the minimum age for receiving the COVID 19 immunisation will remain at 25 years.

According to Prof Mizanur Rahman, head of the DGHS Management Information Centre, the authorities have added a new option to the Surukkha app that allows students to register for the shot, which has been operational since Thursday. Bangladeshi nationals aged 25 and up can currently register for the coronavirus vaccine via the Surokkha portal. Following the outbreak of the coronavirus illness in Bangladesh, all educational institutions have been closed since March 2020. To be eligible for the vaccine, he said, one must list student as their occupation on the registration form.
Those who write student under the heading ‘occupation’ are eligible to register. Otherwise, they must go through their educational institute.

Bangladesh government is trying to vaccinate students in priority basis so that the educational institutes can be reopened. Till date about 40 million bangladeshi people have been been registered for vaccination. Out of them 17 million have got the one dose of vaccine and 7 million have been fully vaccinated. Now students can register for the vaccine on the surrokha app if they are 18 year old or above 18 years. Surokkha has begun Student Vaccine Registration 2021 in Bangladesh. Students from any educational institute can now register for the Covid-19 vaccine via the Surokkha app/website if they are 18 years old. After students have been vaccinated, educational institutions will open. Students from all educational institutes can now register for the covid vaccination.

Registration for students under the age of 18 has not yet been added. For covid vaccine registration students must have a national identity card. Registration process will require the National Identity Card number of students who want to register. While registering for covid vaccine Students will need their NID and Mobile Number.

Students will be able to register for the covid 19 vaccine via the Surokkha portal. Registration can be completed by visiting For Student Corona Vaccine Registration, please see the instructions below:

1. Go to Surokkha Website for vaccine registration ( or use the surokkha app.
2. Select “Register” from the drop-down menu.
3. Select “Identity Verification” from the drop-down menu.
4. Choose “Students aged 18 and up. Provide your National Identity Card number as well as your date of birth (according to NID).
5. With the Captcha code in place, click the “Verify” button.
6.Verify your name and contact information after checking it.
7.Enter your mobile number and proceed to the next step, which will require an OTP. Verify with an OTP and fill out the registration form with the necessary information.
8.Print the vaccine card after downloading it.

After registering on the surokkha web portal or app, you must download the vaccine card. Without the vaccine card, no one can receive the vaccine. Following the completion of registration, the date of vaccination will be communicated via SMS. The vaccination certificate can be obtained by visiting the surokkha gov bd portal. Certificates with national identity card number and date of birth can be downloaded and printed in the prescribed options. After receiving two doses of the vaccine, the vaccine certificate can be downloaded. This is also referred to as a Surokkha certificate.

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