Bangladesh Passport Office Agents Licensing Application Process

The bangladesh government is planning to recruit passport agents to help people apply for the passport. Most of the bangladeshi people don’t know how to apply for the passport and visa so the government has decided to help those people by recruiting official passport agents in the passport offices of bangladesh government. Till now there are unofficial agents working near the passport offices which are looting the bangladeshi people from their hard earned money in the name of helping to get passport. Because people don’t know the process of applying for the passport these unofficial agents taking money from them and not helping them.

According to officials at the Home Ministry’s Security Services Division, the process of appointing the agents and determining the service charge has not yet been completed. The Department of Immigration and Passports has proposed hiring brokers as agents in a letter to the Home Ministry.

In this regard, the Ministry of Home Affairs has begun the process of legalising passport office agents.

The home ministry stated that it is collaborating with the passport department to develop rules to govern the activities of agents. The government intends to appoint technologically competent agents to passport offices to assist people with little or no knowledge of the process in completing it .

Mohammad Mokabbir Hossain, the home ministry’s security secretary, told the news agency that many passport applicants are unable to complete their own applications. They are looking for brokers. However, the brokers aren’t operating legally. The process of granting legitimacy has begun in order for them to be able to do the job legally.”

According to officials from the Home Ministry’s Security Services Division, the process of appointing agents and determining the service charge has not yet been completed.

They are opposed to existing brokers being legitimised, as they have long been involved in such activities at passport offices in the country.

Applicants are frequently harassed by illegal passport agents in the name of assisting them with the entire process, from filling out application forms to collecting e-passports.

Though Directorate of Immigration and Passport office in Agargaon has been declared “agent-free,” such individuals can still be seen roaming the area every day, offering help to applicants, particularly migrant workers, at extremely high rates than the decided by agency.

There is also an additional rule known as passport agent licencing. The agents will assist those people who require aid such as filling passport forms, form submission and money deposit with the bank for a fixed fee. Since the process of application is a technical matter, officers need the skills to complete a form, upload documents on the website and fill in other items properly. In this context, Home ministry officials has sent a letter to the DIP establishing the criteria for the appointment of passport agents and fixing charges.

After legalizing the passport office agents, agents will be held accountable for their work if the new system is implemented. Because now the brokers aren’t legalised, so it is now impossible to take action against them.

Many people, according to the secretary, are still unable to fill out online passport application forms. They frequently enlist the assistance of friends or family, or, as a last resort, go to a computer store. Many others are willing to accept offers from unofficial brokers.

As soon as government finalises the recruitment process for passport office agents/brokers you will get the information about the bangladesh passport agent application process and passport office agent licencing process. To know about the passport agent licencing and appointment process keep visiting this page for latest updates.

We will soon post the passport agent requirement criteria, application process and all useful informed related to recruitment of passport office agents.

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