NU Covid Vaccine Registration For Students 103.113 App Download

NU Covid vaccine registration app for students NU Covid 103.113. Since the corona virus covid 19 has spread all over the world the educational sector is most affected by it. To stop the spread of covid 19 in students the state and national governments have issued guidelines to keep schools and colleges closed for academic activities.

There is only one way now to reopen the educational sector and that is by vaccinating the complete educational sector personnel and students. To vaccinate the NU students, teachers and management staff national university has made the NU Covid vaccine registration app for registering the people for getting the vaccine doses.

National University authorities made announcement on 8th July regrading the vaccination drive. In which they said that they will collect the data of all educational sector to fully vaccinate the sector. For this purpose the National University has made the NU Covid vaccine registration app. This app is built to vaccinate the students and teachers as soon as possible.

Corona Vaccine Registration For NU Students

NU Covid vaccine registration for students has begun on 8th of July. NU students can register online for covid vaccine till 10 August. National University and other affiliated universities students can benefit from this vaccination drive.

Bangladesh government wants to start educational activities as soon as possible. For that they are conducting this vaccination drive for the college students and teaching staff. After getting the vaccine the students and faculties will be safe from corona virus. So the educational activities can run smoothly.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Date

Starting Date of NU Corona Vaccine Registration – 8 July 2021

Last Date For NU Corona Vaccine Registration – 10 August 2021

To register on the NU Covid Vaccine Registration App you should simply follow these steps:

1. Visit NU Covid Vaccine Registration App official website by Clicking Here.

2. Enter your university registration number in the given input box.

3. Provide your national identity number NID ID, mobile number etc.

4. To submit the registration hit on submit button.

5. You will find registration acknowledgement number after successful registration.

6. Download the acknowledgement slip as PDF file in your device for future reference.

NU Vaccine App Online Registration

Registration process for NU Corona Vaccine is completely online and you can do it easily from your device. If you are enrolled in any branch in national university than you are eligible for getting vaccine doses. If you are faculty in the national university than you can also get vaccinated by registering on the NU Corona Vaccine App portal.

While registering on the NU Corona Vaccine App portal you will need some documents. keep them ready so that you can register for the vaccination result.

The list of required documents is given here:

1. University enrollment number.

2. NID number.

3. Mobile number.

4. Name and other personal information.

5. College or affiliated university name.

NID number is must for registering on NU Covid Vaccine Registration App. If you don’t have national identity number also known as NID number than you should follow the alternate process given in this article.

NU Covid Vaccine Registration Process

If you are NU student and want to continue your studies by attending the college than you will need Covid Vaccine Certificate. You can download the covid vaccine certificate from the surrokha website after getting your vaccine dose. Stay away from the misinformation about the vaccine. Getting covid vaccine is completely safe. It will prevent you from getting infected with deadly corona virus disease.

You can inform your classmates about getting covid vaccine by sharing this article with them. Full vaccination is essential for covid safe environment in the premises of your university.

How To Get Covid Vaccine Dose After NU Covid Vaccine Registration?

Covid vaccine registration on NU Covid Vaccine App is not sufficient for getting covid vaccine dose. You will need to register on the ‘ surokkha ‘ portal to get the vaccine dose. Complete step by step process for surokkha registration is given in the next linked article.

The NU Covid Vaccine Registration App will give the students info to the university that which students are vaccinated. After getting vaccinated the NU will allow the students to join the academic education in the college/ university campus.

Where NU Students Can Get Covid Vaccine ?

NU is just collecting students information for vaccine registration of the students. The NU will provide this information to surokkha portal so that the vaccination process can be fast for the students. The availability of covid vaccine is also a big issue. To solve this issue and making sure that every student get the vaccine on priority basis NU is registering students for vaccination.

The registration process for NU Covid Vaccine will continue till 10 august so register yourself at the earliest to get the covid vaccine.

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