NHPSC 2021: Participation Rules National High School Programming Competition Jr/Sr Quiz

National high school programming contest was started by Bangladesh government which is known as NHSPC. This competition is very popular among the students who wish to get selected and get prize money for getting top rank.

Well, NHSPC 2021 is going to start soon and the name is ICT Quiz, this competition will be for 2 categories such as Junior Category and Senior Category.

NHSPC 2021: Quiz Competition Rules

The students of 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th standard are allowed to take part in NHSPC 2021 Junior Category ICT Quiz program. 10th, 11th, 12th class candidates can apply for Senior category National High School Programming Contest. There is a provision for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester polytechnic students too to participate in NHSPC 2021 program. Well, the Polytechnic Institute students will directly be able to participate into senior category of National high school programming contest.

NHPSC 2021: Participation Rules National High School Programming Competition Jr/Sr Quiz

National High School Programming Contest 2021 Registration Rule

Candidates those who wish to participate in NHSPSC 2021 program have to apply and register on official website online.nhpsc.net/register. Once the registration process is completed, follow the required steps to complete the form and submit it online.

NHSPC 2021: Programming Competition Vs ICT Quiz

It is a very important rule that every student must be clear that in which thing they need to participate. If a student wants to participate in NHSPC Programming competition 2021 then they can only take part in it, they are not allowed to apply for ICT Quiz. If a student want to take part in NHSPC ICT Quiz 2021, then they shall not be allowed to participate into the programming competition.

NHSPC Preparatory Quiz 2021: Update

So, if a student who has participated and opted for NHSPC 2021 Quiz, they are now eligible to take demo or preparatory NHSPC 2021 quizzes.

NHSPC Competition 2021 Quiz Winner

There are total of 2 exercises. After each exercise is over and there are total 4 stages, after end of each stage there will be national winner announced by the organization.

National High School ICT Quiz Main Competition 2021

So, after all the preparation, candidates can now register for their main nhspc competition and are allowed to take part in it. The main competition will be of 30 minutes and 30 questions will be given to the aspirants. Therefore, each question will be allotted with 60 seconds of time.

Questions will be of multiple choice or MCQ bases.

All ques must be answered in no’s only.

NHSPC 2021 Programming Competition Rules

National High School programming competition will also be held online, candidates can visit online.nhspc.net to apply and register for the competition.

As discusses above, there will be 2 categories.

  1. For Class 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th : Junior Category
  2. For Class 10th, 11th, 12th : Senior Category

NHSPC 2021 4 Stages

Competition will be held in total of 7 days.

2 Rehearsal competition and 1 national competition.

So, if a candidate who won both the rehearsal competition but lost the national competition, shall not be allotted any prize or rank.

Competition can be given in bengali and english both.

All the aspirants who register and start the competition shall be allowed to use C/ C++ and python language to solve the problems.

Judgement of NHSPC 2021 Programming Contest will be on the basis of IOI – International Informatics Olympiad.

All decisions given by the jury shall be declared as final judgement.

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