Bangladesh New Traffic Rules and Fines PDF 2021

Bangladesh traffic rules which are defined by road transport act 2018 have been updated by the ministry for the year 2021. The new traffic rules and fines 2021 bangladesh are discussed in detail in this article. The bangladeshi government has recently enacted the new traffic rules and they are effective from 1 august 2021. As everyone knows, violating traffic regulations is not only criminal, but also harmful to other road users’ safety. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see authorities levying fines on traffic rule offenders, with the severity of the penalty varied depending on the nature of the offence. The penalties for breaching a traffic rule can range from a few hundred Takka in fines to the loss of a driver’s licence and, in extreme circumstances, even jail. The fines for traffic rule infractions are updated every few years, and the most recent revision occurred just a few months ago. Here’s all you need to know about Bangladesh’s new traffic laws and fines.

As the economy of bangladesh grows so that the vehicles on the road increased and the accidents on roads also increased that’s why the transport ministry has introduced the new traffic rules 2021 bangladesh. Most low income population of bangladesh uses walk travel to go to their work sites. There were no specific rules before for the pedestrian traffic. As the road accidents cases increased bangladesh government felt the need of new traffic rules for pedestrian traffic. You can find here the bangladesh new traffic rules 2021 and traffic fines pdf in this article.

Dhaka metropolitan police is responsible for enforcing the new traffic rules 2021 bangladesh. As the population and economic activities increasing day by day in bangladesh the traffic congestion and accidents are also increasing accordingly. To control the increasing accidents bangladeshi government has drafted new traffic rules in road transport act 2018 and updating them yearly according the latest needs of improvement. In 2021, the Bangladeshi government will enact a new traffic legislation. The primary purpose for this is to avoid accidents and maintain vehicle control. The majority of inexperienced drivers are breaking the regulations, causing confusion and resulting in serious accidents. The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) would be able to use the new rule to prevent inexperienced drivers, traffic jams, and deadly accidents. The head of the transport sector, the BRTA, has issued an order to assist in the execution of the new law.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) created a fine table for all sorts of cars in order to uphold traffic laws. The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has established a fine table to help enforce the new rule. According to the previous regulation, the maximum punishment for violating a traffic law was two years in prison, with a one-month minimum sentence. The highest penalties is 5,000 Takka with a minimum fine of 100 takka. The highest penalties under the Road Transport Act, 2018, is 5 lakh Taka, while the lowest fine is 5,000 Takka. Because many individuals are still unaware of the fines or penalties that must be paid for breaching traffic regulations under Bangladesh’s new traffic rules for 2019, we have included a list below for your information.

Old Traffic RulesNew Traffic Rules
Traffic Rule ViolationFine and PunishmentFine and Punishment
Unregistered Vehicle2000 tk fine or 3 month jail or both50,000 tk fine or 6 months jail or both
Over Speed Driving5000 th fine or 3 month jail or both10,000 tk fine or 3 month jail or both
Driving without Licence400 tk fine or 4 month jail or both25,000 tk fine or 6 month jail or both
Traffic Signal Violation 500 tk fine or 1 month jail or both10,000 tk fine or 3 month jail or both
Without Route Permit Driving2000 tk fine or 3 month jail or both25,000 tk fine or 6 month jail or both

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