Kolkata FF Today Result 5 August 2021

Kolkata FF Lottery today result, Kolkata FF Tips and result July 2021 your will find fresh information about Kolkata FF lottery results here. Lottery is the easiest and fastest way for the people who choose to be rich quickly. Though it is easy it has one drawback and that is your chances of winning a lottery completely depend on your luck.

Indians also love lottery when it comes to get rich quick. Central government of India has made lotteries illegal but when it comes about States central government has left the decision of legality to the respective states. 13 Indian states have made lottery legal which are Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim and West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, .

West Bengal has a very popular lottery which is known as Kolkata Fatafat Lottery or Kolkata FF Lottery. Kolkata Fatafat Lottery is the game of luck and skills only. People who want to win the lottery have to guess the exact winning numbers. There is only one condition for playing this game and that is you have to to be in Kolkata city to play this game.

Kolkata Fatafat Lottery Result August

Kolkata Fatafat Lottery game is played on all week days. There are 8 bets everyday on the numbers. Random numbers are created by the game controllers and you have to guess the lucky number. From Monday to Saturday people can play Kolkata fatafat lottery 8 times in a day. During Sundays people can play Kolkata fatafat lottery game 4 times a day. The bets are called bazi in Kolkata fatafat lottery game. The Kolkata Fatafat Lottery timings from monday to saturday are :

Kolkata FF Lottery Number Of Round(Bazi)Time Of Bet Round (Bazi)
1st Round10:03 AM
2nd 11:33 AM
3rd01:03 PM
4th Round02:33 PM
5th Round04:03 PM
6th Round05:33 PM
7th Round07:03 PM
8th Round08:33 PM

Game Types In Kolkata FF Lottery

Kolkata FF Lottery Game is played in there ways.

1. Single:

First single in this way you have to choose a single number for lottery.

2. Jodi:

Second is jodi. jodi is pair of numbers which users choose.

3. Patti:

In third way you have to choose a patti (a single card) from the deck of cards. It you choose all three of them right you can win the first position of the lottery and you win the 1 crore ₹as first position reward.

Kolkata FF Lottery Prizes

Kolkata FF Lottery Game has five prize positions. You can buy the lottery ticket for 6₹ per lottery .

Kolkata Lottery first prize is 1 crore₹ cash. Kolkata FF second prize money is 9000₹. Third prize money in Kolkata FF Lottery is 500₹. Fourth prize money 250₹. Fifth prize money is 120₹.

Learn To Check Kolkata FF Lottery Result

First of all if you want to try your luck then firstly you should be in kolkata city. Then you have to purchase the lottery ticket from the official website of Kolkata FF Lottery.

If you are lucky and win the prize in the Kolkata FF Lottery than first thing you have to do is to visit the Kolkata FF Lottery office nearest to you. You will have to collect the lottery ticket from the office of kolkata FF lottery. If the lottery ticket had the same numbers as the winning numbers than it’s time to collect the prize.

To play Kolkata FF Lottery visit the official website for Kolkata FF Lottery which is www.kolkataff.com. In most lottery games the winning numbers are pre decided. But in Kolkata FF Lottery the players calculate the numbers to point down the winning lottery number. You will need a lot of experience to calculate the exact lottery winning numbers. You can find helpful Kolkata FF Lottery tips for calculating the winning numbers in this article. Hope you will take benefit of the Kolkata FF Lottery tips.

You should of legal age for playing the Kolkata FF Lottery. One should use their mind when playing the lotteries with their hard earned money. Kolkata FF Lottery game is a version of satta matka which is very popular game in Maharastra State.

Check Online Kolkata FF Result Today

These days you can play online the Kolkata FF Lottery with your smartphone. Kolkata FF Lottery application download link will be provided to you on this page. You can download the Kolkata FF Lottery apk file. You will have to install apk file in your mobile to play the Kolkata FF Lottery.

You will have to create an account on Kolkata FF Lottery application and you can use the different payment methods to but the Kolkata FF Lottery tickets online with the Kolkata FF Lottery application.

Buying the lottery tickets for the Kolkata FF Lottery is very easy when you buy the lottery tickets from the official website of Kolkata FF Lottery or the Kolkata FF Lottery application. When you have bought the lottery ticket after that you have to calculate the numbers based on previous games and future numbers guessing. You can learn to find the winning numbers of Kolkata FF Lottery if you practice enough.

Use these simple steps to find the Kolkata FF Lottery Result:

1. Go to official website of Kolkata FF Lottery which is www.kolkataff.com.

2. Navigate to the game bazi result section for the current day.

3. There you will find the winning numbers of Kolkata FF Lottery for the game bazi.

4. Check your lottery ticket numbers with the winning numbers of the Kolkata FF Lottery Result.

5. When your lottery ticket number have exact match with the winning numbers for current day than congratulation you have won the Kolkata FF Lottery.

6. If your lottery ticket number doesn’t match with the winning numbers than you can try your luck next time.

Kolkata FF Result 5 August 2021


You can check your lottery number with these kolkata FF Lottery Result winning numbers. To get the latest information about Kolkata FF Lottery Result updates bookmark this page and you will get fresh updates everyday.

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