Covishield Vaccine Registration Bangladesh – side effects, dose gap, efficacy rate

Covishield Vaccine Registration Bangladesh, Side Effects, Dose Gap, Efficacy Rate etc details available in this post. In May 2021, Bangladesh was the main recipient of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine produced by the Serum Institute of India, but the alarming increase in positive cases in India created uncertainty about their expected availability in Bangladesh in due course what made the government of Bangladesh stop vaccinating in the country. To register for the vaccine, everyone needs to download the Surokkha app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on their phone. Citizens can also register online on the Surokkha web app to receive the vaccine. People under the age of 18 cannot register on the app or the web because they have not been allowed to be vaccinated as the coronavirus vaccine has not been tested in people under 18 years of age. The Bangladeshi officials have created 18 types for registration. When choosing a type, citizens need to enter their NID number, date of birth and mobile phone number.

Covishield Vaccine Registration in Bangladesh

Earlier this year a nationwide vaccination campaign was started in Bangladesh and on the first day, parliamentarians, top administration officials and health officials got vaccinated. It was told in the news that MPs, top administration officials and health officials administered the first dose of the vaccine. However, not much enthusiasm was seen among those who got vaccinated in the country. India had gifted 2 million doses of the Serum Institute of India’s Covishield vaccine to Bangladesh in January.India has sent 20 lakh doses of corona vaccine to Bangladesh only as a gift. Apart from this, India also sent more doses of corona vaccine to Bangladesh under the contract.

India has sent covidshield vaccine made at Serum Institute, Pune to Bangladesh. In December 2020, Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina and Prime Minister Narendra Modi also met through video conferencing.At that time, Prime Minister Modi had assured his Bangladeshi counterpart that India was with him in every need. Now cooperation is going on in both the countries at the level of covid-19 vaccine, vaccine distribution, co-production and sending vaccines to Bangladesh.

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Details on Covishield Vaccine Registration

Name of the country to be vaccinatedBangladesh
Virus for which Covishield vaccine is developedcorona-virus  (SARS-CoV-2)
Vaccine NameCovishield
DevelopersOxford/AstraZeneca vaccines produced by India’s Serum Institute
Manufacturing countryIndia
Official URL to register for

Efficacy of Oxford/AstraZeneca and SII’s Covishield

The covishield vaccine is developed by Oxford University in collaboration with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca. Serum Institute is their manufacturing and trial partner in India. Covishield is a vaccine based on the chimpanzee adenovirus vector. In this, the virus that infects chimpanzees has been genetically modified so that it cannot spread to humans. In this modified virus, a part of the corona virus is called Spike Protein. This vaccine creates an immune response in the body which works on the spike protein. Covishield vaccine develops antibodies and memory cells, which help in recognizing the Covid-19 virus.

Covishield is one of the vaccines being used in Bangladesh against the corona virus, have been found to be effective against the covid-19 and after their introduction, they show ‘mild’ symptoms in case of infection. A senior scientist has said this based on preliminary results on the effectiveness of vaccines. Bangladeshis currently facing the second wave of Corona and the country is badly hit by this wave of epidemic. This type of corona is rapidly infecting people and also the death rate of this virus has been predicted to be high. The infection has become so much in the country that it has become difficult for people to get treatment in hospitals.

Covishield Vaccine Registration Bangladesh - side effects, dose gap, efficacy rate

Side effects of Covishield vaccine

Shortly after people got the vaccine, there was discussion about its side effects.The WHO and CDC clarified that the vaccine may cause mild side effects such as fever, fatigue, headache, body pain, or nervousness that are not major issues, and it can be a sign that the vaccine is doing it’s work, and guys if there is no side effect in someone, it does not mean that the vaccine is not working; Not all necessarily have side effects.People were scared after the side effects of the vaccine came to the fore, however, after explaining it by doctors and health organizations, awareness increased among people that vaccination is the only cure for corona virus, but even today there are many people who feel that they Vaccines will do something like rural people and for this we need to understand the results of all the vaccines.

The side effects of Covishield vaccine,are fever, body pain, red marks, rash, chills, pain at the injection site, swelling, itching, and joint pain.The Serum Institute states that common side effects such as fever, vomiting and severe side effects such as loss of appetite or fainting, excessive sweating are likely to occur in one in a hundred.Oxford-AstraZeneca, which is made by the Serum Institute in India under the name of Covishield, there were reports of blood clots in many places and it has an affected rate of 81.3.

Procedure for Covishield Vaccine Registration Bangladesh

  1. Visit on your device and fill the online registration for the corona-virusĀ  (SARS-CoV-2) vaccine and verify your National Identity number and submit your mobile number in the space provided.
  2. Then you will get an SMS on your mobile phone which will have the date of vaccination and the name of the vaccination center.
  3. After getting the SMS, you should bring your vaccination card, national ID card and signed consent form to the vaccination center to receive the Corona virus vaccination on the specified date.
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FAQs on Covishield Vaccine Registration Bangladesh

Is there any major side effect of Covishield developed by Oxford/AstraZeneca and produced by India’s Serum Institute?

As such there is not any kind of major side effect of Covishield developed by Oxford/AstraZeneca and produced by India’s Serum Institute.

When Bangladesh will get another consignment of Covishield from India?

As few days back there was a major surge in corona cases in India, so it is uncertain when Bangladesh will be getting another consignment of Covishield.

Who developed and produced the covishield vaccine?

Covishield is developed by Oxford/AstraZeneca and produced by India’s Serum Institute.

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