Copa America 2021: Fixtures in Bangladeshi Time and Live t sport

South American football organization CONMEBOL provide its hosting to Brazil and by this it eliminates the uncertainty surrounding the Copa America Football Tournament. CONMEBOL announced that the final will be played in Rio de Janeiro’s historic Maracana Stadium on July 10, and the first match between Brazil and Venezuela will be held in Basili on June 13 (Bangladesh time on June 14) and Maracana Stadium is only responsible for hosting the finals. In the Maracana Stadium two years ago, Brazil defeated Peru 3-1 to win their 9th championship. The Copa America hosting has previously given to Argentina and Colombia but due to the surge in coronavirus cases in Argentina, the host was stripped and on the other hand political conditions continued in Colombia, causing this nation to lose the hosting.

Copa America Live t Sport

The Copa America is a football tournament between South American teams and since 1993, Mexico has also participated in this Football Tournament and occasionally invites other national teams to play. At first it was held once a year, but later changed to once every two years and also in 1975, this event was renamed the America’s Cup. From a historical point of view, the continuity of the game is obviously insufficient, the game is irregular and the gap is large. Between 1929 and 1935, due to the confrontation between the main football countries of the continent and Uruguay after the 1930 World Cup finals, no matches were played. Between 1967 and 1975,there was another disruption partly due to the emergence of the Copa Libertadores established in 1960.

Highlight of Copa America 2021 Live t Sport

Tournament NameCopa America
Host countryBrazil
Organizing bodyCONMEBOL
Tournament start on13 June (14 June as per the Bangladeshi Time)

Copa America 2021 Tournament Format

According to the format of the Copa America Football Tournament, the teams are divided into 2 groups of 5 each. Argentina, Bolibia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay will be in Group A, while Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru will be in Group B and the 4 best teams of group A and group B will reach to the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals will be played in Rio de Janeiro, Goiânia and Brasilia, while the semifinals will be played in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia so guys enjoy the tournament.

Copa America 2021: Fixtures in Bangladeshi Time and Live t sport

Copa America 2021 Latest Update

The Copa America Football Tournament was postponed last year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It is to be organized from June 13 to July 10 this year and nations like Argentina and Colombia were given the joint hosting of the Copa America but they already been dropped from joint hosting due to the political turmoil in Colombia and Argentina had offered to host it alone but will no longer be able to host it either.Brazil has been named the new host of the tournament after Argentina was stripped of hosting the Copa America. The South American Football Association CONMEBOL announced it. Earlier, due to the surge in the cases of Covid 19 in Argentina, it was removed from hosting the Copa America Football Tournament. Colombia was also removed from co-hosting on 20 May due to political situation of the country. Although Brazil is also fighting a big battle due to Corona and lakhs of people have died of Corona virus in Brazil. Brazil ranks second in terms of cases and deaths.

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Copa America 2021 Match Schedule in Bangladesh Time 

DateMatchVenueKickoff time (Bangladesh Time)
Monday, June 14Brazil vs VenezuelaMane Garrincha3:00 AM
Monday, June 14Colombia vs EcuadorArena Pantanal6:00 AM
Tuesday, June 15Argentina vs ChileNilton Santos3:00 AM
Tuesday, June 15Paraguay vs BoliviaOlimpico6:00 AM
Friday, June 18Colombia vs VenezuelaOlimpico3:00 AM
Friday, June 18Peru vs BrazilNilton Santos6:00 AM
Saturday, June 19Chile vs BoliviaArena Pantanal3:00 AM
Saturday, June 19Argentina vs UruguayMane Garrincha6:00 AM
Monday, June 21Venezuela vs EcuadorNilton Santos3:00 AM
Monday, June 21Colombia vs PeruOlimpico6:00 AM
Tuesday, June 22Uruguay vs ChileArena Pantanal3:00 AM
Tuesday, June 22Argentina vs ParaguayMane Garrincha6:00 AM
Thursday, June 24Ecuador vs PeruOlimpico3:00 AM
Thursday, June 24Colombia vs BrazilNilton Santos6:00 AM
Friday, June 25Bolivia vs UruguayArena Pantanal3:00 AM
Friday, June 25Chile vs ParaguayMane Garrincha6:00 AM
Monday, June 28Brazil vs EcuadorOlimpico3:00 AM
Monday, June 28Venezuela vs PeruMane Garrincha3:00 AM
Tuesday, June 29Uruguay vs ParaguayNilton Santos6:00 AM
Tuesday, June 29Bolivia vs ArgentinaArena Pantanal6:00 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time (Bangladesh Time)
Saturday, July 32B vs 3AOlimpico3:00 AM
Saturday, July 31B vs 4ANilton Santos6:00 AM
Sunday, July 42A vs 3BMane Garrincha3:30 AM
Sunday, July 41A vs 4BOlimpico6:30 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time (Bangladesh Time)
Tuesday, July 6WQF1 vs WQF2Nilton Santos5:00 AM
Wednesday, July 7WQF3 vs WQF4Mane Garrincha7:00 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time (Bangladesh Time)
Saturday, July 10LSF2 vs LSF1Mane Garrincha6:30 AM


DateMatchVenueKickoff time (Bangladesh Time)
Saturday, July 11WSF2 vs WSF1Maracana6:30 AM
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Copa America 2021 Live t Sport FAQs

Do we have Bangladeshi football team in Copa America 2021 Tournament?

No it is a region specific competition so it does not have Bangladeshi football team in it.

How to watch Copa America 2021 Tournament live in Bangladesh?

You can watch Copa America 2021 Tournament live in Bangladesh for that you have to visit its official website to know more about it.

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