About NHSPC 2021: Detailed Info, Faq’s

National High School Programming Contest Detailed Info

The Bangladesh government has organized the National High School Programming Competition (NHSPC) each year since it started in 2015. The main idea of the Department of Information and Communication Technology behind starting NHSPC is to make students interested in ICT and programming. The Department holds the Competition every year and the National High School Programming Contest will be held in 2021 too.

National High School Programming Contest

You now know that the contest is organized by the Department of Information and Communication Technology. Also, the Department has the motive of popularizing computer programming among school students, especially high school students. With the help of this contest, students of Classes 6 to 12, of equivalent madrasas and other technical boards will be able to learn more on programming. Since it is available on the international arena, it is called a contest. For the students to be able to practice and prepare well, the department organizes activities, online, training, onsite programming, and camps. We told you that the Department started the contest for the school students. These days, the authorities have started noticing that the students in Bangladesh and across the world are developing interest in programming and coding. To boost this, many organizations come up with events. 

NHSPC 2021 Information 

For the first time, the contest was held in 2015. Then, the slogan was ‘Whether they show you’. In 2015, six regional competitions were organized in Rangpur, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barisal, Chittagong, Gopalganj, and Dhaka Metropolitan. Talking about the statistics, a total of 993 participated in 160 programming and 603 quiz competitions. Therefore, you can see the extent till which the Contest reached and the participants it gathered. Next year, the department prepared 18 regional competitions. Furthermore, 600 high schools and 64 districts became part of the promotional activities. In fact, the number of participants increased significantly as well. Thus, you can see that the initiative of the Department is working very well in bringing the students towards programming and coding in Bangladesh. 

Now, if we talk about the data of 2020, you will be amazed to know that a number of 5,046 students participated. Then, due to the pandemic, the Department organized the event online and observed a large participation. This shows that in the previous years, the authorities have been able to bring many students on board with this. Now, if we talk about the 2021 Contest, the organizers have started the application process. These applications began on 28th May 2021 and will last till 11th June 2021. In this period, the students will also get competition preparation time, rehearsal competition date, actual rehearsal competition, and final dates. This time, the Implementation Partner is Bangladesh Open Source Network (BDOSN). As time passes by, the students will get all the details on the competition.

National High School Programming Contest (NHSPC)

Students, if we talk about the 2021 event, this year also, the contest will take place online. Bangladesh also has cases to stop the infection from spreading. Thus, keeping in view the safety of students and the importance of the contest, it will be held online. In NHSPC, many activities like teacher-student training courses, quizzes, programming (face-to-face), and coding camps are there for the participants. As we have already mentioned the application dates in the above paragraph, you can apply on the website, if you haven’t already. This is a very good opportunity for the students to learn, develop skills, and hone them. Before applying, it is important for you to read all the information that is available on the website. We hope to help you with the help of this article, so that you can easily apply, if you haven’t applied so far. Students, like last year, this year also, the event will take place online, along with the registrations. Those students who are interested in coding and programming have a great chance of learning. With the help of the activities and the events that take place, these students can develop much better skills.

National High School Programming Contest Detailed Info FAQs

For NHSPC 2021, what is the last date to register?

Answer. For NHSPC 2021, the last date to register is 12th June 2021.

How many students participated in NHSPC 2021 ?

Answer. In NHSPC 2020, a total of 5046 students participated in the country.

What is the slogan for the National High School Programming Contest?

Answer. The slogan of the Contest is Januk Sobai Dekho Tumi.